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Elevate your hair game with our exquisite Luxe Raw Virgin Indian Hair Bundle. Each bundle weighs 100 grams and is sourced from a single donor, ensuring the highest quality and consistency. This luxurious, unprocessed hair comes in natural dark brown color,  that is the perfect hair to achieve a wide range of styles.


Key Features:

- 100 grams per bundle for a full and voluminous look

- Raw virgin Indian hair: Pure, unprocessed and free from chemicals or treatments

- Sourced from a single donor: Ensures uniform texture and quality

- Natural dark brown color: A versatile shade that can be colored treated

- Versatile styling options: Curl, straighten, or color to your desired look

- Long-lasting and durable: With proper care, this hair bundle will maintain its lustrous shine and softness for an extended period, 2 years minimum

Indian Wavy Bundles

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